Metal Fabricator for Bow Roller

My bow roller was slightly bent when I bought my boat, now 3 years later the slight bent has worsened significantly.  Intrepid wants $600+ bucks for a replacement since they have a custom fabricator make thier bow rollers for them.  So I'm stuck either rebuilding this one or buying a replacement with a different hole pattern and risking drilling new mounting holes (with backing plate).  Anyone know a good metal fabricator that may be able to straighten and beef up my current one so I can reuse it?
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  • ReelthiefReelthief Posts: 78 Greenhorn
    Go see Scott at aim alloy welding in Fort Lauderdale. Those guys do great work.

  • probate-rprobate-r Posts: 265 Deckhand
    Thanks for the referral.  I went to three Ft. Lauderale fabricators (not Scott above though) and the cost to straighten (and in one case partially fabricate new parts) my current bow roller ranged from $400-900.  I appreciate the metal fabrication trade and certainly respect the quotes these guys gave me.  However, for a few hundred dollars I picked a new modern production roller assembly up at the local WestMarine, and had a local fabricator just weld fill the mounting holes (in the new one) and drill an new mounting hole pattern in the new one so that the new roller will fit the holes already drilled in my boat.  Total cost including new roller and fabrication work was a bit under $400.  The benefit is that it came with all new rollers and hardware whereas  I would have had to replace the rubber rollers in the old one.  Hopefully the new bow roller will hold up better to the power of the windlass than the last one did.  

    Thanks everyone for the comments and IM's with ideas.
    Intrepid 370 - "My Favorite"
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