Fathers Day dolphin trip FPI- orphaned dads

Headed out with 2 other dads. My wife and son are in Indianapolis (bad timing). Two other guys have kids but they are much older and out of the house. Picked up my buddy who has never caught a phin in Hobe Sound then headed to Fort Pierce to get on another buddy's boat. Launched at Pearl around 7:30, hit up Dave for 20 pilchards and greenies just in case the buoys weren't producing bait. We picked up another 10 after throwing back a ton of hornbellies.
Made a beeline northeast and found a nice rip and scattered weeds in 145'. Set up east of the rip/weeds and drifted for 30 minutes with no bite. I take a dollar out and throw it overboard and my buddy looks at me like I am idiot. This is something we do when fishing is low kind of tithing to the fishing gods. Not 2 minutes after two of us threw a buck in the water the rookie's rod gets hit. It was a peanut that couldn't get the hook set. Either way he was convinced then out comes his dollar. Boats trolling around us one running right through the weeds chopping them up :n
We see a freejumping sail about 150' away and pull the lines and head for it. Trollers coming that way too so we wanted to beat them to it. Drop in 3 pilchards east of a 10'X20' patch and in 5 minutes an 18# bull is screaming the baitrunner. Captain was on the rod and brings him in in quick order. Next up is the new guy. 15 minutes later a nice 14# cow takes his bait and fight on. He fought it for 20 minutes and I missed the gaff:s fish screams line off and 10 mintes later I make up for it with a quick pull and in the box in one motion. High fives all the way around. We start drifting into the weeds and I say lets pull up and reset. Captain says let's just drift through them for a couple of more minutes. My rod screams off with a 15# bull that circled the boat 5 or 6 times during the fight. 30 minutes later we each had a nice fish in the box and grabbed a beer took a leak over the side and made our way west. Great fathers day on the water when you don't have any of the kids around. Soon I will be taking my kid out with us.
Flat seas some color changes and lots of rips on our way in.


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