Hillsboro 7/6 and 7/7

Went out Friday 7/6 late afternoon to try and get some fresh Bally and do some bottom fishing with the kids! Set the chum in 50’ of water and after about an hour of no current things started to pick up and the ballyhoo showed. Grabbed a few dozen and kept a few in the livewell. While catching ballyhoo the kids caught a yellowtail, a couple grunts, and a little mutton.... no keepers! Pulled anchor and did some bottom drifts in 80-100’ and landed 2 keeper muttons, bigger one was 25”

7/7 grabbed some of my fresh Ballyhoo, loaded the kids in the boat, and headed offshore looking for phins. Found first big weed patch about 55 line and threw in some lines. Had two nice little phins hit and we were able to land one about 10 lbs! Made a few more passes and the fleet showed up so we picked up and headed east! All the way out to the 42 line and didn’t find much beyond some scattered weed, finally came across a big piece of plastic. Outrigger starts singing and I see a big phin start jumping behind the boat 20+ lbs, but on the second jump he came loose. Made another pass and quick hookup on a 10 lb cow. Went to make another pass and lost the plastic! Started heading in and found some weeds holding fish around the 45 line. Got a few barely legal fish and let them go to swim for another day! My 9 year old daughter in a huge conservationist! It gets her crazy upset if I keep any fish under say 25”! She thinks it’s “mean” haha, but she’s a heck of a little fisherwoman! Came in a little further and found a big floating palm tree trunk around the 47 line. First pass hooked solid ten pound phin but spit the hook right next to the boat! Made another pass and hooked up on nice phin biggest of the day was just over 15 lbs! Made a few more passes and nothing so we made the long run in! 

Still not a or a ton of fish out there but I was glad to see some more sizable fish! 

Catch em up folks! 


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