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Yamaha trim and tilt question

sigiiligansigiiligan Posts: 158 Deckhand
Recently bought a boat with a mid 90's Yamaha 70 HP 2 stroke on the back. The trim and tilt motor runs, but doesn't engage to go up and and down unless I give it a little help by slightly lifting up on the engine. Acts like a hydraulic motor does when it's low on fluid. My question is is the trim and tilt something that fluid can be added to, or is it a self contained unit? I'd hate to have to pull an engine that's running well just to change the trim and tilt if I don't have to. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.


  • StankBaitStankBait Posts: 401 Deckhand
    Check the fluid. It can be added but if it is low it probably leaked out.
  • KlingerKlinger Posts: 1,999 Captain
    Fluid can be added to the unit, but the question comes to mind is where did it leak out.  The permanent fix is to determine what seal is leaking and replace it
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  • MelbourneMarkMelbourneMark Posts: 2,178 Captain
    My late 90s suzuki 75hp had a similar problem.  I would add fluid to it every month or so.  I finally had a guy replace both of the piston seals.  I ordered the parts online, rather cheaply.  

    There is also likely a zerk fitting towards the front of the motor, where the steering cable goes thru the motor.  (its actually the tilt tube)   You can try putting a little grease in there.  But, you can test that theory out by loosening the vent screw on the hyd reservoir, and manually trying to tilt the motor by hand to see how difficult it is.   
  • StankBaitStankBait Posts: 401 Deckhand
    You will find that Yamaha parts are not inexpensive (cheap).
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