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how tight should my drag be?

DaniaBeachDaniaBeach Posts: 5 Greenhorn
headed out to juno pier today (second time ever snook fishing off a pier)  and the bite was super slow, extremely clear water. was fishing a dead sand perch on bottom at the end of the pier and got picked up by probably a 37-40 inch fish, easily my PB, and got absolutely destroyed. 80lb leader to 60lb mono mainline and the fish wrapped me around a piling within 30 seconds and broke my leader. I am now thinking my drag is too loose as a bunch of yt videos said it should be locked (using a 4/0 senator) and my drag when i was fishing was somewhat tough to pull but could have been tighter. Should I completely lock my drag? Only worried about doing this because I've heard of drag systems failing when locked.


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