Keeper fins in 1000ft

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Headed back offshore on Friday for some more run & gun for fins. Here's the sunrise over the Jensen Beach Causeway bridge a little after 6:30am on the way out.

Continued out past the dredging still going on in the inlet. John seen the flotilla of boats at Bullshark Barge so we hung a right after exiting the breakwaters an motored on down to join in the chaos. The boats were in tight together going after the greenies.

We picked up a few but opted to run out to Shrimpers as it looked like no one was there. We get within a 1/2 mile of Shrimpers and seen one lone boater motor up to it and sure enough, anchors. We loop around and head out to Evans Crary and picked up a few more greenies. We wanted to load up so we decided to head over to the Sandpile. 

Baits were here but few an far between. Ran back in to just NE of the inlet and found the mother load of greenies and filled up both livewells in short order. Headed straight to Push Button Hill to make a couple of drifts for the Blackfins before we head offshore in search of our targeted species.

On our first drift as I was reeling my bait back in it gets nibbled on by a keeper fin. We play tag a bit. He takes the bait, I reel, he spits the bait and repeat. Fin 1, Jeff zero. We moved back up to the start spot and move out a little deeper to put us over the ledge on the next drift. No luck on the BFT on this drift so we headed out in search of some fins.

Found some large mats of weeds in 600ft

John quickly boats the first fin of the day. Its a small peanut and goes back in to grow up for another angler to have some fun on another day.

We move on in search of more large mats loaded up with bait fish and found this one in 800ft. It was not only covered up with baits but tons of small fins. After a few more small ones were caught we continued out deeper.

We locate this in nearly 1000ft of water covered in bait. 

We chunked up some baits and tossed them in and the fire drill was on. Sorry we didn't have time for fish pics but here is the aftermath.

We put fins in the box in short order. There was a line of storm clouds east of us. This one had a water spout that touched down and was churning up the water about 2 miles away.

We decided to move back in to find some more large mats to fish on the way back. We stopped at one in 600ft and I picked up one more keeper. Another funnel cloud was developing near us once again so John checks the radar and spotted a large storm moving up the coast from Palm Beach so we opted to call it a day. 

We arrive back at the dock at 4pm. Over an 8 hour day of fishing produced on average a fish per hour. Only 4 were keepers and none were gaffers which a few and far between this time of year. Looking forward for our next trip John. I had a blast and thank you again for allowing me to captain your boat.




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    Good report,1000 ft has been the hot area lately.
  • AftershockAftershock Posts: 180 Deckhand
    Thanks for the report and kwel storm pics.
  • ShoelessShoeless Posts: 2,107 Captain
    Awesome report as always Jeff!!!
  • footanklegfootankleg Posts: 513 Officer
    Thanks for the report.  Great to see you back here. 
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    Thanks for the report. I'm glad that you were able to stay safe & still enjoy a nice day on the water
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    Appreciate the report.  Welcome back.
  • GarysmoGarysmo Posts: 425 Deckhand
    Nice report.  Thanks
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