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smellybucksmellybuck Posts: 48 Greenhorn
Does anyone know why or when it might be necessary to mow a food plot. I have my first plot growing pretty good right now of buckwheat. I've been told its more of a soil builder than a deer attractant-for first time plot areas. I'm going to till it under in the fall and plant some clover or brassicas. I just need to know will it benefit from mowing now? Its about two feet tall and flowering.


  • DoradoDreaminDoradoDreamin Posts: 1,942 Captain
    When I plant buckwheat and/or Sorghum to build up the soil on new plots, I always let it go all summer.  When it gets close to the time to plant my fall food plots, that is when I mow it and then a week later disc it in.  Someone may know of a reason to mow it now but I never saw any issues with letting it go.
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    Maybe it will grow and produce more matter if it is mowed.  Don't grasses and such top out at a given length and if you mow em, they grow more...??  My guess is that you'll get more growth mowing it - more growth means more soil additives when you till/disc it.

    and possibly have the deer in the plot getting used to feeding there.
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    if its flowering chances are its not a good time to mow, let it run out
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    No need to mow buckwheat unless you're ready to replant. Let the deer mow it for you. It isn't like some forages that benefit from mowing. Its more like cowpeas in that regard.
  • smellybucksmellybuck Posts: 48 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the input everyone
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