Purina tropical fish food

presidiodmpresidiodm Posts: 2 Greenhorn
Does anyone know of a source for Purina tropical fish food in the Gainesville or Florida Keys areas?  I'm planning a trip and can't seem to find it with the exception of the Tampa area.  Thanks!


  • Alex from GAAlex from GA Posts: 1,194 Officer
    If your local feed store doesn't have it in stock I'm sure they can order it.  Feed stores usually carry Purina products.
  • presidiodmpresidiodm Posts: 2 Greenhorn
    Thanks Alex.  I was hoping to find it stocked in-store.   A few places in the Tampa area have it in 5# bags, 20# buckets and bulk bags.
  • DfreedomDfreedom Posts: 106 Deckhand
    Just an FYI.  We fished Pine island area a week or so ago.  We don't chum for bait in SC so that was a new experience for us.  I bought a small bag of fish chum at a bait  & tackle shop and then mixed in ground up dry cat food.  We filled our bait well every day and I recall one day I was getting bait and a couple of boats around me were not.  The cat food really stretches your chum.
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