Trout and Reds

3 July 2018...Wabasso/Grand Harbor...Search for the Pink Tag continues.  Fourth Tarpon entry plus a Red and a second Trout entry.  Started at Pine Island as usual, covered with bait, couple of big blow ups as I was easing in.  Throwing a super size buzzbait trying to get something big.  Drove the Ladies and Jacks nuts.  Shifted to the Zombie Ghost Walker, 3 pound Jack and jumped off a couple of Ladies.  Hobart flats really slow.  Still Hardhead Cat country.  Long run South to the spoil islands, short Trout over abundant.  Managed 3 barely legal Snapper.  Grand Harbor slow.  McCullers Cove produced short Trout, Red and Snook.  Comedy time, small Tarpon hit the Baby Vudu Shrimp, no runs or jumps, just sat next to boat holding on.  Estuary, tried to get big Sheepshead to come out of the Mangroves, not happening today.  Pitching one stretch, pulled a 21.5 inch Red out of the thick.  Back in the ditch, boated a 24 inch Tarpon for # 4.  Baby Vudu, for some reason sets in the lower jaw.  This one made 4 jumps and did not throw the hook.  On to the small canal, small Tarpon working, in an effort to avoid them, skipped the Baby Vudu back under a dock.  Instant hook up.  Small Snook with three escorts,  Stop at Pine Island canal.  16.5 inch Trout on the Flat Rap.  Good day with a third entry.  Check out the spoil islands to the North of Wabasso.  Barely legal Snapper on the edges.  I like to fish the wind, pulled an 18 inch Trout out of the rough water.  Missing a little skin and part of tail, something tried her for dinner.  Baby Vudu Shrimp and Rapala Flat Rap worked overtime today.  All players released for future encounters.
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