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What's the secret of barracuda????

I was out at power pole reef on Monday , there were around 7 barracuda from small to huge hanging out around my boat.  I could bounce a live pinfish off their head with no reaction.  I tried live crabs, pinfish, shrimp and then went to artificial swim baits that I would cast way past them and reel as fast as I could.  are they Picky eaters?   would've been fun to catch one.  I did catch a bunch of spade fish (they were fun)  a couple blue runners and my very first goliath grouper.   Water was still a little sketchy even out that far with some dead fish and floating algae but had about 6 to 8 feet of visibility.   Anyone ever keep a spade fish to eat?  I caught a couple big ones I am normally a catch and release guy but occasionally will keep a fish that is suppose to be good to eat.


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