Boca 7/3 Monster Weedline!

1200ft of water came across a massive weedline. Biggest one I’ve ever seen. It also had about 40 birds diving on it also. However only caught 1 keeper dolphin. There were a bunch of small fins but nothing worth keeping. 


  • JaxJax Posts: 57 Greenhorn
    Wow, almost like the weed lines when I was a teenager. I haven’t seen any like that in a long time. 
  • AftershockAftershock Posts: 180 Deckhand
    That is impressive! Thanks for sharing
  • GarysmoGarysmo Posts: 425 Deckhand
    Wow I never saw anything like that.  I'm surprised it wasn't loaded with fins
  • Conchy CritterConchy Critter Posts: 1,426 Officer
    Crazy. It's been like for a few weeks now. I think there is just to much **** weed. The fish are spread out.
  • bmoodybmoody Posts: 940 Officer
    Diving birds is a wonderful sight
  • InstaGatorInstaGator Posts: 105 Deckhand
    I haven’t seen weed like that in 20 yrs... wait that didn’t sound right.  I have NOT seen a WEEDLINE like that in about 20 yrs.  better 
  • InstaGatorInstaGator Posts: 105 Deckhand
    I just noticed my status, green horn.  That sucks I have been posting for 10+ yrs but I had to reregister at sometime point and I lost all my previous posts.  Moderater how bout an upgrade?
  • pk911pk911 Posts: 248 Deckhand
     I like sliding the boat into that and then dropping a jig down for wahoo 
  • hatcityhatcity Posts: 2,946 Captain
    it seems that this weed line has arrived on shore
    I was not born stupid, just had lots of practice
  • Reel MusselReel Mussel Posts: 259 Deckhand
    That's a big one...


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