PE Offshore 07/03

Took the brother in law on tiny Tim. Calm seas and scattered storms. At 6.5 miles the seas went from 1ft to a 3ft swell. Seas calmed a bit after. Scattered weed showed with a few lines running north and south. 4 birds circling, really out here? Started our troll on the 55 line. Fish number one. And a few shorts. Second weedline a little out got our second. Third weedline got our third. Kept heading out with no other weed in sight. Stream was at 53 line. Worked out to the 50 and came in. This was 2 hours of looking. Incoming tide brought the lines in a little bit they were a tad nicer. Again we got a fish every 10 minutes or so. A guy running parallel to us a quarter mile in went to leave but saw the birds he almost missed out on, a quick pass he upped and left towards Bimini- strange. We went there after he cleared the area and there were a lot of weeds and after a few minutes ran into Peanuts and the biggest being 27 inches. There were two schools of very small fish all day. Kept 5 in the cooler for dinner tonight and cookout tomorrow 22-27 inches. The rest are out there growing. For now. Good luck tomorrow. 


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