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I live in Orlando Florida. I am looking to go on my first hunt. I do not know anyone who hunts. No one I know is interested in getting into hunting either. 

After a few short searches, I instantly got paralasys by analasys. TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

I am eyeing hog hunting for my first time out. A few thing's I have read made it seem like the easist way into hunting for a rookie. Too many too count, nuesence animal, no lisence needed?, more easily found than deer in my area...?

The hardest part so far is, I have ZERO idea on where to go. I would love to go out on a friday night and if I had to, sit out there until day break the next morning. And do this every weekend learning how to sit still and be quiet. learning the forest. listening and paying attention. and really just enjoying the night. But where can this be done? 

My current situation will not allow me to go away for complete weekends or plan for a week long trip. But I could pull a long nighter on friday nights. I just need something in decent driving distance.


  • Reel TealReel Teal Posts: 3,206 Captain has all the public hunting opportunities on the web site. 

    If you click the hog hunting link, all of your questions are answered. 
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    Helps get help if you tell folks something about yourself.

    And do note, the FWC has some youth hunt options worth looking into....if you are that young.

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    Check out 3 lakes WMA (good terrain for a beginner IMO) about an hour south of Orl. Nice primitive campground around 20 miles S of St Cloud on CR 523 - if you haven't yet download free version of google earth from google earth's link - then U can zoom in to see County Road 523 not visible on this vicinity jpeg image or anywhere else and count fallen trees if U want to. Then go here for details and rules and map brochure download from FWC  Try not to gut shoot a hog unless U want a negative experience on your 1st kill.  ;) Good Luck

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    You should consider hunting during small game season and hunt whatever is legal rather than limiting yourself to one species. Locating and harvesting a hog on public land is not as easy as it looks on TV. You are not going to be able to hunt at night. Night hunting is permitted on some public land for hogs but firearms are not permitted. The people that do that use dogs to hit them. So unless you plan on sneaking up on a hog in the dark with a knife or spear you're out of luck. It is legal to hunt private land at night but you have to know someone willing to allow you access. Outfitters will take you for a fee. From Orlando you can hog hunt with a guide in Cedar key for a few hundred dollars and you will learn the ropes so to speak. Most management areas allow hog hunting during small game hunts. You will see more hogs because there will be less hunting pressure. You don't need a hunting license for hog but you will need one for other species and you must purchase a management stamp.
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    An old concept that myself  many fellow public land hunters  know is - "Time in the Woods" is a large indicator of potential success" - beginners luck is possible also on the 1st day.
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    gladesman said:
    An old concept that myself  many fellow public land hunters  know is - "Time in the Woods" is a large indicator of potential success" - beginners luck is possible also on the 1st day.
    VERY TRUE!... also knowing how to read sign and understanding the terrain. My buddy pulled a quota for an area we have never been in that’s 3 hours from the house, we have been in there the last 2 Monday’s walking it ,(8-9) miles walking each time. We learn a little more every time, and I enjoy scouting as much as the hunt. Learn the area your going to hunt before you hunt it! As for hunting hogs your first time out, it might not be as easy as you’ve heard! On most areas they go nocturnal if they have been hunted. You’ll see the sign, but not them during daylight very often. Get tight to their bedding area and hope you catch them coming back early or leaving it late....GOOD LUCK!, and welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome!  Lot's of good info to sift through on here.  Prob the best resource for hunting in florida online.  Good luck!
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