Another Tarpon Entry

27 June 2018...Wabasso/Grand Harbor...Search for the Pink Tag continues.  A third Tarpon entry today, can not get a Red or Trout entry.  Started at Pine Island as usual, covered with bait, couple of pops, no fish.  Hobart Landing, even the Catfish quit.  South to ICW and docks at Johns Island, again, nothing.  Grand Harbor flat, getting ready to leave, spot nervous water.  Quick cast with the Matrix Shad resulted in a short Snapper.  Grand Harbor ditch and past the bridge, looking up, short Trout, Snook and Snapper.  Out to the North flat Several short Trout and Snapper on the Rapala Ripstop.  Check out McCullers Cove, first cast, lose a good Trout.  Keep working, short Snapper, blow out a Gator Trout and as usual, short Snook.  Red was ¼ inch under slot.  Johns Island, cut braid and mono out of the Mangroves.  On to catching, short Snook and Snapper.  In the Johns Island ditch, disaster.  Felt nothing on the Ripstop, reeled in , gone along with 18 inches of leader.  20 pound leader was not cut, but was overpowered, Tarpon hit and rolled on it.  **** thing jumped a few seconds later, not fun size.  Shift to a glow tube with a circle hook, solid hit and a 20 yard run, did not get a hook set.  Storms building, ease out towards home.  Stop at a canal, on the way in a pair of Cats.  At the end a 15 inch 6 spot Red.  On the way out, a good thump on the Baby Vudu Shrimp.  Hooked a small Tarpon, on 4 #.  Kept the rod tip well under water, loads of pressure, no jumps.  Good clean landing.  Total for today, 5 Trout, 2 Reds, 5 Snook, 12 Snapper and 5 others.
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