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Fishing rules and regs in Key Largo

In the middle of July I will be taking my family to the reefs of Key Largo.  It has been many years since I have been in the area so I want to make sure I know the rules and regs.  Please let me know if I forgot anything or have anything wrong in my list below.
*I know the size limit and bag limits for the area, got that covered. 
*The lobster season will be closed when I am in Key Largo so no lobstering.
*I know I can't fish or spearfish inside the yellow markers (Marine Sanctuary sites).  
*I can fish (hook and line) inside PenneKamp state park.
*In Pennekamp I cannot spearfish.  However, outside of Pennekamp I can spearfish.  As long as I am not inside the yellow buoys. 

Do i understand things correctly?  Any other rules for the Key Largo area?  I appreciate any information.     


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