Drifting 8A or Pelican. I hate anchoring

The title says it all. I am horible at anchoring over a specific spot. I have a 26ft cuddy/walk around. To get to the anchor I have to navigate an 8 inch walk around path with size 13 feet. The only thing that I have to hold on to is a Bimini. Not safe. Not fun. So, I'm wondering if drifting over these spots can be productive. Any input on the ins and outs of doing a drift at these spots would be most appreciated. Thanks...


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    I always drifted them or trolled them. Both can be good for kings with live bait or find the good bottom, with some searching you'll find it and bottom fish for porgies, sebass, grunts, snapper etc.  When I'm bottom fishing I'll drift over a spot multiple times, then on to my next spot. Once you build up a catalog of spots you can hit them all a few times quickly and see what is home and move on.

    Depending on water conditions dolphin can be had too.
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    <~~~   we never anchor.  Every hour on the hour the wind will shift just slightly and/or the tide will shift slightly.  This will pull you off your mark. The only reason to ever anchor (in my opinion) is if you are chumming.  Pelican is much more spread out and longer productive drifts.  We have bailed fish for 20 to 30 mins straight on pelican before we had to re-set and start drift again.  8a is a little more tricky as it is a definative ledge that runs for the most part north and south.  So needless to say an east wind day is a very short drift on 8a.  Those days if we were bottom fishing we would run the extra mileage to pelican just to have the more productive drifting.  

    p.s. always have a sardine or pogie or something out on a oversize spinner drifting behind the boat while your bottom fishing.  some days our trip fish have come from this simple add on

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    Agreed on the spinner and drift bait!
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    If you guys dont mind what are the numbers for pelican? I cant find them 
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    It's the first result when you search pelican flats coordinates in google.
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    Thanks ill try again. I was only getting the loran and then the second option showed coordinates that were on land.
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