6/24 off Elliot Mahi time

hit the ramp at 6:15 got off Fowey heading SE about 6:45 . Nice ride always enjoy that ride out especially through stiltsville. See some beautiful weed lines in 450. Get our game on 30 min later a nice one hits a skirted Bally and sky’s. Few min later he came unglued. 15 min later we literally see mahi jumping in the weeds . I say the worst thing you can say “get ready”. Lucky for me I was right. Put this one in the box. Couple more smaller and call it at 11. Get out there during the week if possible. 
BTW . I’m looking for a reasonable boat handy man that can change out pumps , install speakers etc. doesn’t have to be a mechanic. Any recommendations are appreciated. So MIA area. 

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  • The ParkerThe Parker Posts: 102 Deckhand
    Way to find em
  • CoastalCatchCoastalCatch Lighthouse PointPosts: 423 Deckhand
    Good one...thanks for posting...I really like the last pic with those zip-off trousers that I invented in NZ 35 years ago!   :)

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  • sigiiligansigiiligan Posts: 149 Deckhand
  • MGDMGD Posts: 1,105 Officer
    Great pics..pretty fin
  • rivamunstasteverivamunstasteve Posts: 646 Officer
    Pretty day and fish 😎
  • jhedgjhedg Posts: 93 Greenhorn
    I see pics all the time of people fishing glass water, never seems to be me.  Great job on the catchin
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