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Tortugas family trip June 21/22

Took the family to Ft. Jefferson for the first time. Usually it’s a guys trip with long hard days of fishing planned. This time it was a much slower pace with snorkeling and sight seeing mixed in with some fishing. The heat was intense so we only fished till noon both days. Got to check out loggerhead key and swim around places that are closed to fishing. As far as the camping, I swear I could have slow cooked a brisket inside our tent.
Fishing wise the bite up on the reef was just ok. Plenty of yellowtails but we released all but the gut hooked ones. On our way home we fished some deeper areas in 200+ feet and the bite was very good. My son had fun with schoolie dolphin while his mom was pulling up groupers and a nice 16 lb mutton. Stopped at the golden tile spot on the way home and have plenty of fish to eat for the next month. 


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