Inside SLI during 'Charley' and 'Jeanne'?

Any of you guys have first hand experience of what the waterfront situation was during/after Hurricanes Charley and Jeanne hit Martin County in 2004/05? Flooding inside the Inlet? How far 'inside'? How high?  Boat docks? In water boat damage?

Looking for info on how bad it was from the two bridges east to the Inlet........

Thanks in advance!


  • hatcityhatcity Posts: 2,948 Captain
    A) Charley hit the west coast

    B) Frances and Jeanne were the two that hit three weeks apart here
    Shrimpers had a mark on one of the posts near the stairs to go down to the water side area. believe it was about 6 feet above normal there
    even boats that were on lifts got damaged. Boats in the water all had lines snapped and pushed into a big cluster====

    So yes, waterfront can be dangerous if we get a direct hit...and Frances was a 2, Jeanne a 3
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  • Gary MGary M Posts: 13,116 AG
    Thanks for the clarification on the storms. We were down the road in Lauderdale with five storms in 13 months...... tough keeping them all straight....... Katrina, Jeanne, Wilma, etc......
  • K-DawgK-Dawg Posts: 151 Deckhand
    I wasn't actually in Martin County, but here's some pictures of Ft. Pierce after Frances:

    I'd assume pretty much every dock on open water lost it's decking at the least, and any boats tied up to those docks would have been lucky to survive. From what I've experienced, it appears the flooding is worse farther up the river, but it's caused by run-off rather than storm surge.
  • BullMarketBullMarket Posts: 184 Deckhand
    We were on the north fork at the time and there was about 6ft of surge. Most of the docks and boats still there got destroyed.  The boat further up the creeks such as Bessy did fine. 
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  • footanklegfootankleg Posts: 513 Officer
    I pulled my 32 Intrepid for frances and Jeanne which were direct hits from the east right into the sli.  Wilma was supposed to be a tropical, rain only event once it made its way over from the west coast.  I strapped the boat down but it turned out to be a big hurricane and knocked one of the lifts I beams off the piling.   The Intrepid launched itself and I found it a day later sunk, upside down in front of Harbor ridge. It was on the north fork in kitchen cove.  To boot, I had repowered her and new electronics six months earlier.  
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  • Reel MusselReel Mussel Posts: 259 Deckhand
    I live in Fort Pierce and am just glad I'm 8 miles to the water, we got some flooding but not like on the water...


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