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Boat, trailer, fishing stuff, couple of knives, bullline, 24 foot control cable.....display castnet.

bswivbswiv Posts: 8,043 Admiral
Just a bunch of things that have accumulated over time.........

Control Cable works.....but is used.
Bull line is used too, but good as new. The spools have a number of pieces on them from 150 to 500 feet or so.
The two rolls of bull line are 540 & 600 respectively.
The cast net is NYLON, not mono. Was built about 20 years ago by a commercial fisherman friend for display purposes. It is heavy and darn well made BUT would kill you to use in my opinion. It has never been wet. 10 foot with 12# lead...if I remember correctly.

The rest of it is kind of self explanatory. Some new, some used.

The cable is free if someone can use it.
Bull line.......$30 for all of it.....or .01 cent a foot for bits and pieces...??
The pile of mixed stuff ( knives, balls, hitch, lures, hooks, rod holders, bulb, connectors and the like ) $40 for the whole of it. 

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