How to fish Near/offshore, rookie year, 1st CC boat

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I've fished plenty of freshwater and some intercoastal but I want to learn to fish near/off-shore. I've got some gear & beer but have no clue where to fish. Do I just cruise around for hours trying to find stucture with sonar? Follow the birds, pour some beer in water to attract fish? So much to learn! My 13 year old son and I love to go fishing together but we want to figure out this offshore thing. We're in Orlando so Cape Canaveral has been our starting point. Boat is 19' CC that we've had for about 6 weeks. Any advice? GPS locations?

Many Thanks.


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    It really depends on the fishing you are planning on.  Need more details.  
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    Approx. Fuel Capacity30 gal.

    FUEL CAPACITY: 43 gal / 163 L
    Fuel tank capacity: 80
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    I would start out fishing artificial reefs & wrecks in your area.  Here is a site that provides some:

    Just pick a few that are grouped together and plan to spend a day fishing those ones.  You can buy frozen sardines and live shrimp for bait.  It would be best if you could catch some live bait as well.  You might try trolling between spots, and keep an eye on your bottom machine while doing so.  If you see any ledges or abrupt changes in the thickness of the bottom line on the machine those would be additional areas to check out.

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    You can go offshore in a 19 foot boat, but that is a minimal size for fishing more than 12-15 miles from the port which is the minimal run if you want to put yourself in range of dolphin,sailfish,wahoo. You can stay closer in and fish for king mackerel,cobia,Spanish mackerel,jack crevalle,bonitos,and sharks. If you don't want to fool with live bait you can pull baitfish plugs or drift dead bait. Get yourself a good gaff and make sure your cellphone has a good signal in the area your in or else get a VHF radio. Watch all the fishing shows you can! Good luck !
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    Join a fishing club near you.
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    We all new what we were doing until DropTheHammer showed up.
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