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Strange forcast, 20ft center console concerns

TheleadmanTheleadman Posts: 97 Deckhand
I'mma be out at Panama City on Sunday been keeping eye on marine forcast but it's a bit odd.  Saturday calling for 1ft seas Sunday 2-3 ft seas less then 10 knot winds. If you go into detail closer to where I'll be at 5 miles out we got 1-2ft seas at 6 miles out possible 4 ft swells...I'll be on a 20 ft center console, 2-3 ft seas can be a bit rough but do able 4 foot seas are out the question when kids will be on board. Any suggestions? Maybe a local who has better input on what conditions have been?


  • KlingerKlinger Posts: 1,889 Captain
    Sea breeze in the afternoon in the summer will usually result in onshore breeze causing very choppy seas for the first 5-7 miles. Especially a problem in the proximity of the pass where an outgoing tide will clash with the onshore wind causing an often dangerous condition for small boats. This is in addition to the thunderstorms that will develop because of those onshore wind. Not saying you shouldn't go, but be aware that the trip back in in the afternoon, especially approaching from the west,  can get rough with all this unstable air on the coast 
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