Fishing Goodland&POI

  Use to fish Pumpkin,Buttonwood and Palm Bay a lot but last
few trips out fish are much more prevalent on outer islands
of the Gulf.Never use to go much pass Whitehorse but now
Tiger,Indian and Comer are producing fish.
   But my question is as we move further South we are now
in Everglades Nat. and new regs. are coming but when?When
we got back to POI Thurs.we ask a DNR and his reply was have
no idea what going on down there.What is going on down there? 


  • Mr, GooganMr, Googan Posts: 42 Greenhorn
    I cant comment on ENP regs, but regarding fish on the outer islands maybe it relates to weather?  The past several winters have been really mild.  Maybe the fish no longer push as deep into the back country with the weather having stayed relatively warm for the past several years.
  • lemaymiamilemaymiami Posts: 3,034 Captain
    New regs?? Whatever the Park is up to... you can be sure to hear about it eventually, maybe, hopefully (at least that's been my approach to dealing with them over the years...) In the meantime they haven't even managed to get the cutting tables back up and running at Flamingo (and no gas pumps yet either..).  It's only been ten months since the hurricane and they seem to have only two workers trying to get Flamingo back up and running... Good thing it's summer time and very few are coming down to Flamingo now (see there is a use for mosquitoes...).

    Yes, the Park is liable to have a bit more restrictive regs than the state regs (particularly when it comes to overall quantities of the various snapper species)... and y'all will certainly see a lot more rangers around Chokoloskee than I ever see over on my side of the Park.  We did a 65 mile run from Flamingo up to Broad river today then back  and hardly even saw another boat at all...

    Here are a few numbers you can try at the visitors center (where the folks are that run the place so that you can ask direct..).

    ENP Visitor's Center (general number...) (305) 242-7700
    ENP office (305) 242-7732 (should be able to provide additional contact info if the first number isn't being answered - but only during business hours..)

    Here's the website for the Park....

    Good luck... I have about a 50/50 record for the Park responding to any messages I leave (and that's over the 22 years I've been a full-time guide there....)

    Tight Lines
    Bob LeMay
    (954) 435-5666
  • Mr, GooganMr, Googan Posts: 42 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the info!
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