CK trip 6/9 to 6/11

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My wife finally got to go on the fishing trip with me and my two boys to CK for a change.  The night before we left on our trip, my 2 year old and I played pretend fishing while the boat was parked in the driveway.  We caught several keeper make believe cobia, grouper, and king fish together and lost a few.  She was so cute pretending to net the fish and take them off the hook.  I can't wait until she's old enough to actually go with us.  I hope she still has the same enthusiasm.  Later that night I commented to my wife that I hope our trip was as good as our pretend fishing trip.  

The next day (Friday) I dropped my little girl off at her grandparents and then the four of us got a late start over to CK, arriving around 6:00 p.m.  A little too late to get out on the water.  My wife had been looking forward to having a pizza at the Cedar Key pizza place, but it seems like they are always closed so we had to settle for a pizza made fresh at the grocery store.  The pizza wasn't too bad paired with our Ron Ricardo Bahamian rum my in-laws brought back for us a few months ago.  My crew informed me they weren't getting up early so I had a few extra glasses after dinner.   

We woke Saturday, some of us later than others, to multiple storms so we delayed going out even later than expected.  Our plan was to head offshore, but it didn't look very clear to the west.  It was also a bit windy for our key west 197skv, which btw is for sale, so we busted around inshore for a few hours.  We managed several trout, nothing cooler worthy, before the storms cleared.  My wife and younger son decided they weren't into heading offshore with the winds and chop so we dropped them off around 1:30 p.m.  My 12 year old and I messed around inshore for about another hour before we finally decided to brave the chop and head offshore.  We stopped at Sea Horse to sabiki up some bait.  There was some of that gumbo I've been reading about, which made catching the pin fish a little more difficult than usual.  While I caught the bait, my son tried his luck with some gulps and bucktail jigs.   He only managed a few small trout and surprisingly not one Spanish mackerel or lady fish, which in the past have usually been pretty thick out there this time of year.  By about 3:30 we had enough bait so off to some nearby structure we went.  I didn't feel like anchoring so we slow trolled/ drifted around the structure with a pin fish on one rod and a herring on the other.  It took a little while, but finally the herring rod bends over and the drag starts screaming.  I didn't have a wire leader on, but from the way the fish ran I knew we likely had a good size king. My son fought the fish like a pro and a few minutes later I sunk the gaff in the king.  Surprising the 60 lb test fluorocarbon leader didn't even hardly have a fray in it.  Fish in the cooler and on we went.  About 15 minutes later our pin fish rod doubles over and the fight was on.  This time daddy got the pleasure.  After several hard runs, I handed the pole to my son and stuck the gaff in a nice cobia around 40".  Now were feeling pumped.  Those fish had already made the day for us, but right before we went in another cobia around 35" hit the pin fish rod as I was letting it out.  The fish came right to the boat and within a minute or two we had the fish in the box and off to home we went.  Back in around 7:00 p.m.  Cleaned up the boat and left the fish on ice to be cleaned the next day.  Ended the day with some pork sandwiches and several more glasses of our rum.  

Woke Sunday morning rather late and cleaned the day's before fish in between rain storms.  It took a while, but the storms finally cleared and the whole crew was off to sea horse to catch bait around 1:30 p.m.  After catching some bait and playing around some with small trout, a small undersized flounder, and this time a couple lady fish, we headed back out to some structure in hopes of getting us some grouper this time.  Our first spot was rather unproductive.  We had a few missed fish that came off almost immediately after getting hooked up.  Then my wife finally got a potential keeper cobia on, but after a couple of minutes the hook pulled and came shooting back at our Bimini top like a stretched rubber band. Her quick release subsequently caused her to be the subject of numerous jokes by her crew members the rest of the trip.  We decided to change locations around 6:00 p.m., which wound up being a good move.  Within the next hour we managed to put two keeper gags in the boat 25" and 27", along with a 41" cobia. The cobia bite was pretty cool.  There were two of them swimming right on the surface.  We had a chum bag out and I think that might have drawn them within 10 feet or so of the back of the boat where they stayed long enough for me to get a pin fish rigged on a rod that had a 2 ounce weight attached.  I threw the pin fish in front of the cobia and they both went down chasing after it.  A few seconds later I tightened up and the fish was on.  That's when things really got interesting.  The fish came right to the boat so even though it looked big enough, I thought could this be too small to keep so I had my 12 year old try to net him.  Well after several attempts and small runs by the fish, I finally decided that this fish had to be big enough and got the gaff out.  I handed my son the pole and right when I hit the fish with the gaff it took off and the gaff slipped out of my hand.  Now we've got the fish swimming around with the gaff in it's back and my son holding the rod, which btw had a frayed leader that I was too lazy to retie.  All I could think was watch this fish break the line after this screw up. IThe gaff popped out of the fish a few seconds later.  I ended up grabbing the net and my son was finally able to get the fish close enough for me to get it in the boat.  Great fish story for years to come for us on that one.  Ended the day around 7:00 p.m. and headed back to shore.  Chicken with rice filled our bellies and a few Blue Point Toasted Lagers got us feeling right.  

Woke Monday, cleaned the fish, and started back to Central Florida. On the way home I commented to everyone that I guess our trip was almost exactly like the pretend fishing trip I had with our daughter the night before we left. Gonna have to make that a regular thing.  

Heading back over in a couple weeks to try our luck at some more fishing and hopefully some scallops if all this rain hasn't screwed that deal up this year.  Can't wait!     


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    Nice Fish! Sounds like you had a great trip.
  • capt louiecapt louie citrus countyPosts: 9,460 Moderator
    Pretend fishing pays !   I may have to start doing that..  :D 

    Great post. Keep um coming !
    "You'll get your weather"
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    Great read, but you're strecking my attention span!. Very nice fishing report.
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    great post after a great weekend
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    Great trip . Heading to CK this weekend with a friend from up north visiting. Where do you stay when in CK, place looks pretty cool??
  • NobelNobel ALTAMONTE SPRINGSPosts: 42 Greenhorn
    We stay at island place right on the water.  
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