struck silver today

Finally got out today. had not been out in a month (had elbow injury, plumbing disaster in house and then put in new steering cable). 
Hit SPB early. Found treasure. Silver. 

this was the 1st of 4
landed today. Wife came along, she does not fish but took pics. could have used her as i pitch to a fish and rod on back went off while getting bit and hooked up front. Of course they cross lines, comlete cf and lost both fish myself. not sure how ya double on tarpon with one angler.???



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    A fat one too!  Nice work.
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    Giant greenbacks!
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    Dreamy conditions, sounds like a fun day
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    Looks sporty out there....catching sportfish and all :D 
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    Sweet, great pics.
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    Beautiful day!
    God, save the South!
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    I can help you out with that one angler situation...Nice fish and pictures. Not easy to get them coming out of the water like that. What were you using for Bait??
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    nice job - great pics

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    Great to see you hit the jackpot after lots of bad luck & worse weather earlier. Nice pictures - thanks for sharing.

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    thanks guys. Now, all i can ask for is more days with light east winds  :)
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    well not exactly light east winds as forecasted this morning. Found a few fish around 8. not rolling, but you could see their By 9 landed both fish hooked.
    By 9:15 boats, jet skis and no more tarpon. beat the rain.
    did not have my photorapher on board this time. 

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    its been all about finding someplace there are no boats. when we do, we catch fish. been turning off everything and waiting for fish to pop up. throw to front edge of school and hold on. finally getting out enough to get that a.m. bite dialed in, now that things are about to change.
    those pesky west winds...
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    have not been pursuing or even getting in front of fish moving, just floating around out there. if those fish stay happy chances are more will be coming and with patience and a good eye you can get a shot at those that are within casting distance. spooky fish. everything you can do to reduce sound and motion seems to help. been having fish come within a few feet of boat and poke head out to see whats up. 
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    today's fish. again, find an area with no boat traffic or boats. 1st one was hooked at 6:33

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    Nice pics, congrats on another great day.
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    so i was able/fortunate enough to fish 4 out of the last 8 days. Friday was a bust, west winds and got soaked.  during that period was we hooked 8 fish/ leadered 4/ landed 3/ lost one after about 3 or 4 min in.  Was able to get a fellow forum meber from Homosassa onto a ****, been a few years for him, he's now 70 no longer targets them so it was great to see him stick the 1st bite of the day and get it done in about 25 min on the biggest fish of the year so far, probably 150 or so. my 1st of the year was as long but this one was fat.

    low quality compliments of gopro.
    here's another...

    fish seemed to have thinned out by yeasterday where i was. offshore for spawn i guess. hopefully a good number will come back for another cycle.???
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    That's another fatty!  I'm sure the fish will return yet this season, just in different spots as you no doubt know.  Thanks for sharing...Mike
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    I love tarpon fishing. You just never know what's gonna happen next. last week my trolling motor overloaded my wiring and we had smoke on the water. Today,we were watching pods roll by us and tossing to the front of the pod without any bites, frustration was setting. I could tell Chip was dumbfounded as to why these fish did not eat a bait. i saw a fish free jump and said the bite's gonna turn on. So i hit tm to go back in tighter to the beach and am dragging a crab and BAM! We watched this sea monster blow up my rod holder, taking the holder and rod, jumping.  Took a new Saragosa and compre rod....
    Another pod comes by, toss in and i'm on. This girl made up for that lost rod.

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    Big fish, what’s the approximate weight for that one?  I have a  tough time judging the weight so usually just say 100+.

    also - for poster earlier and others, I feel for large tarpon it’s 1 Line per fisherman as when the bite happens it’s a lot of chaos.  Too much time bringing in multiples lines
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    In addition to above - What do you think this weighs?  I have been saying 100+? Thx

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    permit_me said:
      So i hit tm to go back in tighter to the beach and am dragging a crab and BAM!  
    HAHA  Trolling crabs...thats a new one!! Nice catch and pics..
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    FishInFL said:
    In addition to above - What do you think this weighs?  I have been saying 100+? Thx

    Hard to say for sure -- need to see how wide/fat she is -- but it sure appears to be a 100lb class fish.

    For instance, you can see the "shoulders" on this fish:

    See how wide it is across the back?  That's a heavy fish well over 100lbs, and probably closer to 150.  Smaller fish will appear "skinnier" than that one, but not necessarily much shorter.
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    mikes right. the girth shows some age. SOme of these fish were 135 to maybe 150. They were about 6-1/2 ft long, 2 were about 7ft.  Once they hit that 130 to 140 lb range they become beasts.  I try to hit the lead fish when i can see them coming and have time and a good shot. I believe those lead fish are bigger.
    Somewhere I came across a chart that gives you estimates of weight based on length and girth. If you catch one close to 8' long you know you've hit the 200 lb club. My son, 19, has landed one of those with me, back in 2014.  I hooked one bigger than his the week before and it tailwalked about 20 ft from boat and was taller than me in the boat (i'm 6'4). She gave me the eye.

    As for too many lines, well thats when chaos erupts. Thats tarpon fishing, gotta love it. A couple weeks back, had a double on fish crossed, cut line and ended up back in other reel. Never had to fight two tarpon on one pole before that. needless to say, they both got away - one popped off and the other chaffed through.
     Fishing with one pole, well add 3 more and your chances just went 3X's. some days ya just need that extra. 
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    fishinfl, your fish looks to be 100+, it has a big head and the lip looks pretty large. Those fish under 100 are much easier to grab. Some fish the lip is just too big to get one hand around and undr to grab. those either thash free or get cut off. I hurt my arm and shoulder on a real big fish before trying to get hold and unhook. NOw, quick release and get another. That last fish shown from yesterday, I turned on go pro within 30 seconds of hooking her. 8 min 39 sec later hook was removed and she was release green
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    Here's a tip for holding fish.  DON'T HOLD THEM LIKE A BASS with your thumbs in its mouth.  Flip your hand around and put your fingers in its mouth and your thumbs under it's jaw on the outside.  You'll get a MUCH better grip on the fish.  Like this:

    As for fight time, it's an extreme rarity these days if I fight a fish for more than 15 minutes.  It really just comes down to letting the fish do whatever it wants for the first five or so minutes, and really turning up the heat and fighting the fish close and hard.  Done right sometimes the fish simply rolls over and quits allowing you to remove the hook, or get it close enough to register the landing and breaking it off.

    I'll be looking around on the inside tomorrow, and hopefully we'll be able to channel a bit of your good luck.  :)   Have fun...Mike
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    Thx for all the insight!  Good luck Mike!
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    Took me a few hours, but found them yesterday morning.  Mixed group of fish from 30 to 150+ working shad.  Had lots of shots, one bite, but no jumps.  The fish shut down when the tide died, and we only had about 30 minutes in the fish.

    Had a friend try them this morning, with the same effect.  The fish hadn't moved much at all.

    Did see something odd out there that I've not seen before -- sharks skyrocketing through the baits the tarpon were working.  At first I thought they were spinner sharks -- they jumped clear of the water while spinning.  I didn't think spinners came way up in the bay, so perhaps they were blacktips which are prevalent in the area.  Saw the same thing twice yesterday.    Odd.

    Going back on Saturday morning -- it's only a matter of time now.
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