Intedge grinder

MCSHunterMCSHunter Posts: 364 Deckhand
Any of you big time grinders know of a place that works on them? I have a very old, 25+ years, Intedge model C2HA. The motor runs great but the auger stops under a bind. Possibly a gear. Please PM me if anyone knows of a repair shop.


  • PhattkoppPhattkopp Posts: 24 Greenhorn
    I had an old Cabela's grinder repaired at a water pump shop. Stop in one and let em look at motor. 

  • MCSHunterMCSHunter Posts: 364 Deckhand
    Thanks Phattkop,
     I tore into it today and found a gear that is cracked and is spinning on the shaft. Hopefully I can find one or have this one welded.
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