best crossbow ammo's for the hunting

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Hi everyone

Its hunting season, I am looking for crossbow Brodhead (crossbow ammos) which do not penetrate during projection and gives larger blood trail. Please do suggest me some best crossbow Brodhead that fits perfect in my crossbow. My budget is not more than 50$.....

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  • etommy28etommy28 Posts: 311 Deckhand
    Ok wait you don't want it to penetrate? it has to penetrate. I use 125 grain Montecs, super strong and if you hit in the shoulder will do a lot of damage. Look at your bolt and see what size broadheads they suggest it will usually be either 100 or 125 grain. there is a big debate between fixed and mechanical. Many people feel fixed is best(myself included) because they hit with such force that it can cause mechanical to malfunction. The grim reaper is a mechanical that has a great cutting diameter. 
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    I also use Montec 125's.  I shoot an Excalibur Micro 335 and they are deadly.  etommy28 is right about hitting with force!  The first time I shot a buck a few years ago was at 10 yards from the ground.  When the bolt hit him in the shoulder it made such a loud whap that i even flinched.  You wont go wrong using them and they are even resharpenable so you can use them more than once!
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    I’m assuming you mean open during the shot?...what type of animal are you pursuing? I’ve shot an Excalibur exomax for about 12 years or more and have killed many deer with fixed or expandable heads. If you are hunting pigs I’d stick with fixed blade, I’ve use wasp boss 3 blade heads in my compound and crossbow and  haven’t seen a reason to switch. For expandables I use swhackers. I just bought the micro 335 and plan on using 150 boltcutter fixed blades , and 150 grain swhackers, since that’s  the weight head they recommend. Nothing replaces a well placed shot! Lots of good heads out there now.
  • Sixth GenerationSixth Generation Posts: 113 Deckhand
    bowhunter4life,  I saw that Excalibur recommends the 150 grain and I know shooting a lighter broadhead or arrow can cause damage to the bow, but I assumed 125 grain wouldnt be too light.  What are your thoughts?  I 100% agree shot placement is the most important.  When shooting my crossbow at a target, I can hit the bullseye at 60 yards with a rest, but wouldn't think of shooting at a deer that far!  I keep shots to 20-25 yards max at game and havent ever missed or wounded one.  I put the compound down a few years ago and have enjoyed the Micro 335.  You have me wondering if I should get a pack of 150 grain field points to see how the bow shoots them vs the 125's.  I imagine it would be a little quieter but with the distances I shoot deer at I havent seen any reaction to the sound of the bow before the bolt hits the deer.  Even when I have stopped a buck by mouth grunting at him and he goes on alert.  You have me wondering if the lighter broadhead might damage my bow?  I have seen the torture tests Excalibur puts their bows through, even dryfiring them, but I still carry it like a dozen eggs...  Maybe I am over thinking the 25 grain difference...
  • bowhunter4lifebowhunter4life Posts: 970 Officer
    I wouldn’t sweat the 25 grain difference. You can always get a weighted insert if your committed to using that head . The recommended head was 100 grain when I bought my exomax and i never had any issues, not one in over a decade of use! My cousin used his 335 last season with the 150 boltcutter heads that they recommend and really liked them.
  • Sixth GenerationSixth Generation Posts: 113 Deckhand
    Ten four!  Thank you.  That is kinda what I thought.  I have killed every deer I have shot at with it the past 3 years so I do like the set up!  
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