How fast/rpms are you trolling? I know its "about the presentation" but still curious

taymagtaymag Delray Beach, FLPosts: 708 Officer
We killed it on my neighbors boat the other day trolling around 4kts, it could have been random and just a good day, but we decided to slow it down and let stuff stay under.

My question is what are you guys trolling at? I usually stay between 6-8kts which is 1500-1800rpms in my boat, but am wondering how many people slow it down more.

At 4kts your bait pretty much never leaves the water, which I always tried to adjust speed just right to have it hop out of the water every few seconds


  • MakoLogicMakoLogic Posts: 609 Officer
    personally I mix it up a lot, trying to find what the fish want that day.  I tend to find that we get hit a lot on speed and direction changes that change how the baits look in the water anyway.  Around 6 knots is my usual target, but depending on the current it can change a lot.  We were out deep this weekend in the gulfstream.  Going with the current, I was barely over 1000 rpms and doing 10 knots, hardly looked like we were moving.  Turned around into it and I was 2000 rpms, doing 4 knots and the baits were skipping out of the water.  We got bites going both ways so who knows.  
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  • GarysmoGarysmo Posts: 388 Deckhand
    I usually fish around 6.8 to 7.2 mphs....I use GPS speed because of the gulf stream affect.   I'd nothing is hitting i will go up or down a little.  If anything i seem to error on the slow side.  As for rpm that is going to depend on your boat.  I fish a 239 Cobia with a single 300 so that is around 15 rpm depending on current
  • Conchy CritterConchy Critter Posts: 1,153 Officer
    1200-1600 5-6 MPH works best for us for fins. I'll bump it up if we are trolling for wahoo. 
  • taymagtaymag Delray Beach, FLPosts: 708 Officer
    Thanks for the answers, and good to see a 5-6mph, I am going to test some slower speeds
  • K-DawgK-Dawg Posts: 148 Deckhand
    Depends what you're dragging.

    GPS speed doesn't matter to me and I find that my water speedometer isn't very accurate at lower speeds. I'm worried about how my baits/lures are running and in my boat I tend to be around +/-1400rpm.
  • Captain DaveCaptain Dave Posts: 3,383 Captain
    My speed is dictated by watching my baits swimming.  With small ballyhoos and average seas, that usually means roughly 1200 RPM's on my Yamaha F300's, which translates to 4.8 knots to 5.5 knots in areas of minimal current.  Heading into the seas I may bump it up, and trolling downsea I'll likely adjust and slow down a hair. I'm constantly adjusting speed all day long and never stop watching the baits.  The baits swimming perfectly, or the lures smoking and popping at the surface at the perfect intervals is the "correct speed".  I'm not quite as concerned what the teasers look like compared to the hook baits. Good luck!

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  • OwlseyOwlsey Posts: 307 Deckhand
    5-6 seems to be a good speed for a wide variety of species. Yes, I've also caught Wahoo at that speed

  • Kevinwwings2Kevinwwings2 Posts: 1,268 Officer
    What Capt Dave said. Forget GPS speed, it is effected too much by current. Rpm or actual through the water speed is all that matters. Watch the baits and let them set the pace, but don’t hesitate to adjust it up and down a bit. Rpm will change based on direction of travel vs wind or waves. Sometimes just stop and let things sink a bit then slowly bring them back up to speed. If what you are doing doesn’t seem to be working try something different. 
  • taymagtaymag Delray Beach, FLPosts: 708 Officer
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  • bmoodybmoody Posts: 932 Officer
    Dave's 1200 RPM would have my single 200 at the slow end of a dead bait spread.  I pull plastic more often than ballyhoo, and am frequently in the 1700-2100 range.  It has already been said, but I'm going to repeat it -- you have to watch your baits.  Each hull and engine combination is different -- I've fished sportfishers where 900 RPM and/or just in gear pulls dead bait just fine.  Ballyhoo will tumble and wash out at speeds that just start to spark up some lures.  You have to let your situation dictate your speed.
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