Fishing report, Biscayne nights, 10 June

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We made the switch from days down in the 'Glades to working night charters locally a few days back.  Lots of small tarpon now around the bridges that connect Miami to Miami Beach each night - and plenty of fish nearby docklights... long as there's a falling tide... I'll keep this brief since I still need to tie up a few flies for tonight's booking...

We've been using spinning gear up until today (starting tonight we'll switch off to the fly...) and the fish have been just clobbering small plastic "shrimp" from DOA.  Every one was rigged on a short trace of 40lb fluorocarbon on a light to medium light spinning rods (for those that know how to use them -a plug rod would work just as well..).  So far each night the tarpon have been winning most of the fights -either jumping off, breaking off (by any means possible) or just taking my anglers to school.  Lots of fun - sometimes at point blank range with fish that just never quit... My last night on the water we did get one to hand - here's a pic or two of the fight..
Hooked up and working hard...

Finally at the boat for a quick release, this one went around 30lbs...

A bit later, visiting angler Brent Harding hooked up on a "tarpon" that wouldn't jump - but just screamed away then took us around the nearest set of pilings.  I quickly had him open his bail until we could maneuver the skiff and give him at least a shot at the fish... As we cleared those pilings the fish took off again and it was minutes later we realized it was a big jack - not just a big one.... It was the biggest we've ever caught at night (and it's been a few years since we tangled with one this size anywhere else)... Here's the photo -- clearly an outstanding catch and release since I estimated it at around 20lbs on a light spinning rod...

My next report will feature the fly fishing side of things -but for now every evening has been a treat... We'll be back down in the 'Glades in a few days as well...

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  • The Cat's EyeThe Cat's Eye Posts: 1,159 Officer
    I grew up chasing jacks but not that big. I would rather catch a big jack then any tarpon.
  • The Cat's EyeThe Cat's Eye Posts: 1,159 Officer

    I grew up chasing jacks but not that big. I would rather catch a big jack then a tarpon any day.

    My biggest jack was about 21 o 24 lbs ( ten lb test and released) and it was caught on my way to catch a flight at Pensacola when I took a short stop to say fair well to a girlfriend at a bayside motel. The battle was so long I almost missed my flight.

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