Kings and Tarpon (6/9 & 6/10)

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My better half left town over the weekend, so I got to do whatever I wanted. Which meant fishing both days and very little else. And lucky for me, the bite was red hot.

Hit the water around sunrise on Saturday. Hannah Park looked like a parking lot, and the bait was easy to find. Headed to MR and trolled for kings. Went 3/3 and brought home my two for the smoker. Also kept a bonita to see for myself if they're worth eating. Got back around noon and decided to run the beach to see if there was anybody home. Went to the pier and back. Lots of pogie pods but nothing seemed to be in them.

Sunday morning the bait was still thick at the poles. I headed to the nearshore wrecks for more kings, but changed my mind and turned around to see if there were any tarpon home at the rocks. Had baits on the bottom and free lined. About 10 minutes in the bottom rod goes off. I thought it was a shark but then the line goes straight up and a 100-lb tarpon goes airborne and cuts me off. Re-tied and had another bite about 10 minutes later. The initial jump confirms I've got another tarpon and I manage to get him to the boat. She was a little smaller than the first, around a 70-80 pound class fish I'd say.

After that I headed to PG and started trolling. Right off the bat I hook a big spanish mac. Second bait in and a hooked a king almost immediately. With 2 kings already soaking in brine back home, I switched gears and did some bottom fishing. No experience doing this on my own, but I took some pointers from what I've read on here over the years. It was solid advice. Hooked into some dink sea bass on cut bait and a few really big fish on live pogies that broke me off on my first spot. Went to another spot and got on a steady bite on live and cut pogies, including an African Pompano, ARS, nurse shark and some mysterious big boys that broke me off. Left them biting and headed back around 1 p.m.

For the record, the bonita was fine eating. I bled the fish immediately and cleaned out the blood line. Marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil and lemon juice for an hour and then did a quick sear, leaving the loins a true rare. Made a poke bowl out of it, serving over rice with avocado and sesame seeds. It's a totally worthy substitute for grocery store tuna and a nice switch from the flaky white fish that we normally catch. If you're into seared rare tuna, it's foolish not to keep a few of these.


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