6/10/2018 Out of Redfish Pass.Great seas to run out.

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Boy what a great day ,the seas were better than expected. It was just me and my son Craig who drive up from Naples. We met at the Marina at 7:30 not exactly an early start had a couple of numbers to stop at the first just 10 miles out  that usually give me a steady snapper bite. Gear we brought was Med. Heavy Spin one bottom rod. Got to our spot lowered the RHODAN Craig had never seen it work before jogged around till I had a good show then hit the anchor mode. Set out a chm block lanes showed up and it was a steady bite then we were getting rocked  up or broken off. Put on bigger hooks and started pulling up red shorts to 17 to 18 inchers  Then I put down a frozen sardine it gets hammered  after a tug of war on my 20;lb spin gear a 22inch red comes over the side the a few minutes later Craig is on his bait was a bait fish head. His fish was  a 21 incher . By now it is 12:30  and the bite died.  We ate lunch and boy was it hot out there. So we cut the day short, Fish in the box and a nice ride back.  About 5 miles offshore there were bait schools all over. And when were out Craig put out a balloon on a wire leader. We saw the swirl  and in an instant it was gone 3 ft. wire was no match the beast.


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    Nice going guys
    Here's ta swimn' with bowllegged women!
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