Naples 6/7/18

Went fishing with the grandkids. My grandson caught a 37 inch snook. We also caught three more snook, jacks, mangove snappers and of course a couple catfish for a total of 36 fish. Had a great time.
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  • Caxambas KidCaxambas Kid Posts: 167 Deckhand

    Well done on the grandson and a nice snuke! And seems you got a good number of fish. And none of us can get away from the obligatory kitty-kitty fish. I hope to get out this Thurs and Sunday. Hopefully good reports will follow.

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  • nobleonenobleone Posts: 58 Greenhorn
    Nicely done!   I was out Saturday afternoon and only saw 3 large reds and one snook.  Caught a bunch of snappers hanging out by all the blown down trees.  Bait seemed to be everywhere and I must have holes in my net!

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  • Mr, GooganMr, Googan Posts: 48 Greenhorn
    36 fish with your grandkids, that's an awesome day!  There is no electronic device than can compete with the smiles created by an over-slot snook.
  • 1outlaw1outlaw Naples FLPosts: 853 Officer
    Very nice!!! Thanks for the report!!
    Jason :USA
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