Keep getting malware “congratulations” on the website??

JohncdbassJohncdbass Posts: 127 Deckhand
anyone else getting the Walmart “congratulations” pop up malware when visiting this site? I’ve been getting it for a few days now. I found a fix by hard rebooting but it’s a pita as it won’t allow you to go back to original fsm website.


  • Android77Android77 Posts: 469 Deckhand
    Me to there just horing  out this forum to anyone who will give them a couple of dollars. The operators of this forum have killed it with making it so hard to post pictures and how unstable it is. I guess spending money on good computer talent hurts there bottom line. But there getting what they deserve fewer and fewer users.
  • WadeFishermanWadeFisherman Posts: 374 Deckhand
    I had a lot of spam in the beginning, but lately it has been less. It is annoying, I also have a lot of loading issues on this page. I use an iPad and even now, I have typed quite a bit and it only shows half
  • JohncdbassJohncdbass Posts: 127 Deckhand
    Well I had an iPad 2 from back 5 years or so and had the same issues. I just traded in my old one for a new iPad and it has a much better processor. The reloaded issues are gone. It’s just this dam bug. Must be in the website?
  • johnDjohnD Posts: 6,388 Admiral
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    yes the new forum sucks but , try using a browser with a ad blocker..i only get a cookie warning.
    firefox w/adblock plus.
  • BTVengeanceBTVengeance SCPosts: 28 Greenhorn
    I get a very similar message but it is Amazon not Walmart and on several sites but have not had it on this one - YET.

    using an iPad Pro 2nd gen 10.5 and it does a pretty good job blocking but not that particular message.
  • johnDjohnD Posts: 6,388 Admiral
    adguard for ios. just go into your safari settings and enable it , once downloaded. i have it and it works

  • BTVengeanceBTVengeance SCPosts: 28 Greenhorn
    johnD said:
    adguard for ios. just go into your safari settings and enable it , once downloaded. i have it and it works

  • pjepje Orlando , FlPosts: 539 Officer
    Get ad blocker plus , I never see anything 
  • sandy1147sandy1147 Posts: 146 Deckhand
    I'm still getting it on my phone. Never get it on PC with ad blocker though. I'll have to check out ad blocker for phones. 
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