Saturday Roll-call

Anyone headed out tomorrow? i am trying to decide if I want to troll the EC or try for a grouper or Mango while throwing back ARS two days before the season starts. How does one get motivated....


  • permit_mepermit_me Posts: 877 Officer
    i am hoping to, even though i do not usually fish weekends (except in the case of tarpon). just got my boat back from shop this afternoon. Got crabs. But my buddy just backed out. still hoping to find someone to join me for tomorrow.
    My son will be home from UF Saturday night and we'll get at it Sunday. This will be the 1st time this season i'll have him on my boat, cant wait. He catches those real big ones.
  • BottomFedBottomFed Posts: 19 Greenhorn
    Trolled the ditch and out to 12 miles past the Skyway.  Lots of bait but nothing landed.  Saw one boat land a short.  Didn't see anyone else landing fish.  Spanish Macs were working the baitfish 12 miles out. But no luck. 
  • Mako224Mako224 Posts: 428 Deckhand
    We ran out to 125-ft. It turned out to be  a parking lot after a while. I counted 11 boats. The down side to flat seas. The bite was slow even for ARS. Landed  a few nice scamps. Moved in fishing spots along the way.  Flounder here, mango there etc. last spot we chummed and had the mangos and Flag YT in the water column below the boat. Lock jaw. Pulled two fish in over an hour. Down to 20lb floro and a buried 1/0 hook. Like shrimp, pins, cut squid sardine etc. Very frustrating. Did get to play with some dolphin (flipper type) huge pod swimming with the boat. 
  • drgibbydrgibby Posts: 1,233 Officer
    Fished in 140 ft. west of Clw. Anchor down at 8 am. 4 man limit of ARS and big gags by 9:30.  Weather was great, for a change.............
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