Spearfishing Thursday off NPR = gags and sharks, with video!

grey2112grey2112 Posts: 164 Deckhand
Thursday June 7 out of NPR. Went to 50 feet and water temp was around 81, viz top to bottom but got a little cloudy on the bottom horizontally. Not a lot of hogs, but found some nice sized gags, mangos. No ARS or lions. Very sharky - had one bug me on dive 1 and had 3 of them bug me on dive 2. They were sand bars. Other divers met our infamous bull shark on Bull Shaft. He was an ****.

Ended the day with one 28.5" gag, 2 nice sized mangos, and a decent hog. 3 divers, but the other two hadn't dove or speared in a long time and were rusty so I ended up shooting all the fish.

VERY bad viz in anything under 45 feet, and 25 feet was horrendous. Saw a nasty orange/yellow bloom on top of the water in 25 feet and it was very "gumbo-ey" in a lot of spots.



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