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Kayak fishing off the Beach

Curious if it would be worth wile to kayak a few hundred yards off the beach in Neptune and go fishing. Anything worth catching in that range? 



  • fsu11fsu11 Posts: 2,098 Captain
    kingfish here shortly, may be already but lately theyve been off a ways still give it another week or so and theyll be right off the beach
  • Another Day at The DockAnother Day at The Dock Posts: 142 Deckhand
    edited June 2018 #3
    Yes, but go a little further for better chances,I used to go up to 2-3 miles in mine all the time.You really dont even have to pick your days that much either during the summer because almost everyday it's flat calm off the beach inside about 6miles.Lots of  bonita,kingfish,jacks,tarpon,spanish,and maybe a cobia if you are really lucky. In the AM you can work your way out and find schools of either jacks,bonita, or spanish fairly easily and the kings and tarpon wont be far behind. I've gotten away with trolling clark spoons and yo zuri divers and have a rod on stand by for when you find those schools, good luck. 
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