St Marks?

ok so we have been fishing near the lighthouse in grass flats, what are some good lures/baits for redfish vs just catching trout?


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    It’s not the lure, it’s the location. I fish st marks 2-4 times a month. Get off the flats and up against the shore line and rock piles at hi tide. The rock piles in the rock garden will also hold fish. Look for mullet.  If you catch them on the east flats in 3-5’ it’s impossible to stay on them. Most likely a school cruising along that you luck up on. Right now it’s a dawn and dusk fishery for the most part.  When they are chewing, anything will work, but my go to search baits are topwater plugs, aqua dream gold spoon, and a soft plastic paddle tail in a 1/16-1/4 oz jigheads depending on depth. Good luck 
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