Boca Grande Pier/Gasparilla State Park report

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This exact report is in the SW forum, but this forum needs some love.

Wednesday night I picked up some live crabs in Matlacha and brought them to Little Gasparilla hoping for tarpon. I fished the Boca Grande Pier from 9pm to 4am. The crabs never got a bite. As one fisherman left he gave me his greenbacks and live shrimp. I caught 5 Common Snook and a Spotted Sea Trout with several more snook broken off. The trout and one snook were on a small white bucktail. Another guy caught 3 snook, two others caught 1 each. All were about 20-24" and it looked like every one that came over the rail was a different individual fish. No sign of tarpon or anything else. All the action was on the falling tide.

Thursday morning I fished live crabs in the outgoing tide at Gasparilla Island State Park from 8am-1pm. About 20 boats were out in Boca Grande pass. I had binoculars with me for birding so I was checking the boats regularly. I got no bites, I saw no tarpon rolling and no boats hooked up. Luckily at Fugate's I found a fedora and a Palm Beach hat that both fit me. Since January I've been looking from Pensacola to Miami for one of these hats to fit me. The uni-size is always way too big. I've been in 40+ stores looking for one **** hat to fit me.

Thursday evening from 5:30pm to 9pm I fished the Boca Grande Pier on a rising tide. I had live shrimp, live and dead crabs and caught my own giant (7") threadfins. Not one bite for me, but plenty of people were catching trash fish and a couple keeper Mangrove Snapper came over the rail.

If you don't know, that Boca Grande Pier is an awesome location. There are grass flats 200 yards away in both directions but the pier is in a channel that gets 8+ feet deep. There are rocks on either end of the pier that attract fish. There were shrimpers there both nights and while they weren't leaving with bucketloads, none left empty-handed.


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