Ponce Wahoo 6/8

Went out of Ponce Thursday, no weed lines.. made it to 130 ft and he hit a blue/white Islander on the smallest reel.  Wasn't able to weigh, would guess min 60 lbs.  


  • SyncSync Posts: 5 Greenhorn
    Nice. Would you share troll speed, bait depth, and water temp? I have not targeted Wahoo in a long time but maybe this weekend.
  • BarrellBarrell Posts: 1,007 Officer
    Way back?
  • MarlinmanMarlinman Posts: 46 Greenhorn
    Congrats on a very nice fish. I can't wait to put one like that in our boat.
  • LoweTide1LoweTide1 East CentralPosts: 2 Greenhorn
    Trolling around 8 mph, skirted bally on surface, didn't catch temp. 
  • tonytalitonytali Posts: 126 Deckhand
    Nice Hoo
  • GoldfingerGoldfinger Posts: 2 Greenhorn
  • LivinTheDreamPCLivinTheDreamPC Posts: 214 Deckhand
    nice.  very nice.  pretty work!
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