Wednesday June 6th

Been in a slump. Ran out of vilano about 8am alone.  The news van was at the ramp because a crane they were using to build docks was stood up in the water.  A 2 million dollar crane!  Anyway my plan was kings.  I ran to St Augustine pier, no bait.  I heard on the radio the bait was in crescent beach, but I ran north hoping to find them closer.  I ran all the way to Jax pier!  Just before I gave up, I found them.  One throw I had more than I needed.  The ocean was super flat, PHLAT.  But, the storms were all around, and the West wind picked up.  Ran southeast to find a bunch of kings.  With the clouds they were feeding on top and they LOVED my pogies.   Caught 7, released 5.  Biggest was 41 inches.  Good day, tough ride in until I was within 2 miles, then ran 40mph.  I trolled alone and had a good day, I am exhausted but really happy.


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