D-Day 6 June 1944.

And no one remembered it!

I remember it. I was almost 7 years old! Had an Uncle who was there, though he didn't go ashore until D-Day plus 2---light field artillery, and not needed 'till the Beach was secured. Dad and all other uncles were in the military, most in combat positions. Dad flew 32 missions in the "Friendly Skies of Germany" as crew chief/waist gunner in a B-24 Liberator.


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    Yes sir, my father was US Army, France and Rhineland 43-45, not on the beaches but on the ground none the less.
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    Didn't forget it just had computer issues yesterday. God bless all of those souls.
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    There is ( heard him speak a few years ago, so I hope it is still is) a man that lives in Tallahassee that actually landed on the beach TWICE that morning. A small group was put out and had to swim onto the beach way before dawn. They planted explosives near some of the german pill boxes and detonated them at the start of the attack. It was then their choice to try and swim back to the ally landing craft or flee into the country side. He was able to swim back and was picked up by one of the Landing craft on it's way to the beach. Then he stormed the beach with the troops. His story of his military career was very interesting. 

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