Leaders for SHARKS - Wire or Plastic Coated Wire or Thick Mono ?

SharkChaserFLSharkChaserFL Posts: 7 Greenhorn
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Good evening, 
I have been stuck on this question for a couple years now. I watch a lot of videos of people catching sharks and as far as leaders go.
 Do you all recommend wire coated leaders and hooks??. It's seems like a lot of shark fisher people use coated wire while I use 105 pound test single strand wire and seem to have very good results with it. 
Would I catch more Sharks or get more shark bite, if I was using the coated wire?
 Does anyone have experience and/or data regarding this. Thank you in advance for the answers. 


  • WadeFishermanWadeFisherman Posts: 374 Deckhand
    Seven strand seven strand, 500# and 10-12 ft leader so tail whip from sandpaper skin of shark doesn’t cut your mono, or braid
  • Rich MRich M Posts: 1,011 Officer
    How big are the sharks you are chasing?  Are you in a boat or on shore?

    I use single strand when/if I target sharks.  Will follow it up with heavy mono chaff leader and fish out of a boat.

    Those huge hooks and 15 ft of airplane cable set-ups are overkill IMO.  Buddy caught a 10 ft tiger off PC on a grouper rig & small grunt - 6/0 circle hook, 80# mono leader.  Not exactly a shark rig but it worked.
  • andrewthe1andrewthe1 Posts: 608 Officer
    I use 200-400lb mono, if they cut through that I had no business messing with them LOL
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  • SharkChaserFLSharkChaserFL Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    Out of a boat, Catch 5 ft to 10 foot sharks in the Everglades. I agree on not using the huge and super long leader. Basically what i am asking is , Is wire scaring the sharks from biting ? Some people use coated wire or mono for that reason ?? I catch alot of sharks with strait wire (2 foot long)  and a 6 foot 100 lbs mono leader, I have lost a couple of big fish because of it  but over all. It works !
  • fsu11fsu11 Posts: 1,879 Captain
    i use my kingfish rigs that are 40lb seven strand wire to catch sharks behind shrimp boats typically 5-6ft spinners or blacktips. leader is probably only 3 ft long at max.
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