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Yankee Capts Red Snapper Trip May 31

Well Capt Greg does his magic again. Just back from a trip on the Yankee Capts 3 day red snapper opener. Unfortunately the red snapper were being a little shy this trip, we did manage to get some tags filled, but the muttons were more than willing to cooperate. I ended up with 18 muttons ranging from about 5 pounds up to close to 20 pounds, got my butt kicked by an amberjack that was my biggest ever ,red snapper as well as blackfin tuna, kingfish, almaco jacks, and scamp grouper. Got to use a couple of jigs from "Jimmys Jigs"' and caught some horse-eye jacks as well. I am in no way a experienced jig fisherman I'm a bait guy, but Chef Chad said to me that I need to step out of my comfort zone so I gave them a whirl. It is a really cool feeling to drop this big piece of metal to the bottom and get hooked up. I would of fished them more but my arms were so tired that I was hard to keep doing it. Thanks Chef Chad & Jimmys Jigs. We left the dock a little after 5:00 and got to our first stop I believe around 1:00 or 1:30. We had what I like to call a Chinese fire drill as muttons were coming over the rails at an amazing pace. Kudos to the mates on this trip, they busted there you know what's all trip long. I was not that fortunate with the muttons during the great bite, I got repeatedly sharked. I think I had about a half dozen muttons get bit off😢😢. But you gotta pay the tax man!! Even worse was the man in the grey suit didn't always bite off, so here I am a man with arms with little or no muscle fighting sharks in 250 feet of water. Omg I was like a little whinny kid😂😂. So I only had 3 muttons in the box after the first couple of flurries, I was definitely a little more than frustrated😤😤. Then the tide turned for me. I had 5 consecutive drops with mutton hookups, and finally was putting some fish in the box. By the second day we were already full in all 3 boxes in the back, wow!!! We also had a couple of nice groupers caught, biggest was a black of around 25 pounds, also a really nice gag and fire truck red grouper a few blackfish tuna and kingfish were also caught, the tunas were definitely not of the football type. As always everything gets bigger in Jurassic park, a couple of Margates and porgies up to 10 pounds. We fished in anywhere from 140-250 feet, with gogs being the primary bait that was used. But let's not forget about squid, at one spot there were squid just casually swimming just out of reach of the dip net. I'll give you one guess what bait was hot at that spot "Match the hatch". The gog fisherman were getting out fished by squid at that spot. One thing I will never forget is "pay attention and stay at the rail", thanks Capt Greg!! I can garentee the people who slept more than others didn't have the same coolers at the end of the trip. As in life everything comes to an end, and so did the bite. We literally only had maybe room for a couple of totes to fill the front box then the bite hit the toilet, we fished for 6 hours and maybe only 1 or 2 keepers hitting the deck at each spot. Capt Greg did his dambdest to try and find fish that would bite, moving like 7 times in the last 6 hours. We had very little current and wind, I literally put a 2 ounce sinker on a chicken rig and was able to hold bottom in 150 feet. If you've spent any time in the tortugas you know that finding fish is not the problem, the problem is finding fish that will eat!! Well my chicken rig gets a bite and up comes a sand tile aka " slippery ****". We had almost all 4 boxes full of quality fish, so Capt Greg got on the horn and said we're going home. There was no complaint from me!! As in all fishing trips there are always some negatives. Unfortunately the only negative thing from this trip is that some people "only a few" dont tip the staff appropriately. So let's get this out there!! They are providing a service to all that go on these trips. Just a reminder, the mates spend countless hours preparing the boat, cutting the bait, cleaning the boat, helping with tangles, gaffing your fish, tagging your fish, offering pointers to catch more and bigger fish, hand deliver your catch to your cooler at the end of the trip. Oh and just know that when your on your way home with your catch there still hard at work long after you leave. So why not tip them appropriately. So what is an appropriate tip? Well if you tip 15-20 percent at a restaurant, just think how much harder these guys work than a server at a restaurant. Definitely longer hours and harder work. Now on to the galley with "Chef Chad". He also is working many hours before the trip preparing the menu for your trip. There is no delivery truck to bring his products to the boat. He goes and gets it himself before every trip. If you have a chance check out the galley menu on the website, yankeecapts.com. This is no ordinary galley menu!! Now think of this there are 20-45 ppl on the boat depending on the trip type. He prepares every dish by himself, he does not have a prep cook or dishwasher to help. It is all him!! I even saw him hand deliver lunches to the fisherman that were still fishing including myself. So Chef Chad makes an amazing selection of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for you all to enjoy. Anyone ever have filet mignon with demi glacé, roasted potatoes and a crab cake salad for dinner on a fishing boat before?? How about shrimp & scallops scampi?? With that said he puts his heart and soul into his food, so don't forget to tip the Chef appropriately. So leave the publix subs and cooler food at home and enjoy upscale food while fishing the world famous Dry Tortugas with the best Capt, Mates, and Chef.

Nick clemente


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