What happened to my prop?

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just bough a brand new boat with a Yamaha F200. After being in the water for one day in the florida Keys, my prop turned a dull grey. It was shiny and polished when the boat was put in the water. 

Any thoughy as to why prop finish changed?


  • Sailfish2660Sailfish2660 Posts: 12 Greenhorn
  • Sailfish2660Sailfish2660 Posts: 12 Greenhorn
  • Sailfish2660Sailfish2660 Posts: 12 Greenhorn
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    I copied this response from another forum regarding a situation similar to yours. Hope this helps.

    This happened to my new prop last year when I went to the Keys. Never figured out why, but my brand new stainless prop was stained a rust color. I thought it was rust but when I cleaned it there was no pitting or anything. Barkeeper Friend took it right off. Its never happened again and I use the boat at least once a week, saltwater only.

    A response from a prop dealer.

    Many times down in the Keys, you can get a lot of calcium in the water. Every time I send a test prop down to the Keys area, it looks like that when I get it back.
    Lime Away also works well to clean it.

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      Just grind thru a sandbar on the way back..polishes them up real nice..
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      Make sure there is nothing disturbing the water in front of the prop (through hulls, transducers, etc)  Introduction of air in front of the prop will cause it to cavitate a bit, and that will cause that.
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