CR/Panama trip May 2018

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Flew into Golfito , where Melvin had brought the boat down to Fish Hook Marina from Quepos . Went over and refueled and checked out of CR so that we could leave for Panama early the next day . Saw a CG cutter docked , and a few CR Coast Guard boats . Look at how they left it at end of ramp in pics . 

We left early the next day and headed into Panama , decided to troll the edge headed towards Coiba/Montuosa/Hannibal bank area . Picked up a few fish . Got a blue , a sail , and a peanut mahi which I tagged and sent him on his way . Hannibal had a few boats sitting there , but no action . We did have a very large black (over 500 ) come greyhounding through our spread toward the boat , unaware of our lures . Guess she was just happy . 

Headed into Cebaco Bay , to meet up with the mother ship . Pretty cool operation , sitting in a bay similar to TSL . The mother ship was a converted oil rig supply boat , which barely seemed to move , even though both Vikings tied alongside were getting tossed around pretty good . Probably helped that they had just taken on 18k gallons of fuel . lol

Day 2 
Headed back toward Hannibal area , no tuna , but did pick up a nice mahi . Had a filter issue so headed back to mothership , we had some sent from PC which we got a day or so later . Had good intel , but didn't get a chance to use it ( Thanks again Shane ) 

Day 3 
We went on one of their Bertram's to fish Aguja reef . Looking for a black , could only scare up one bonita though . Forgot to mention that it was raining pretty much everyday on us , was pouring pretty good when a decent size black mouthed the bonita , but no joy . Tried for a little bit longer , then went and threw poppers at the rocks . Caught jacks etc .

Day 4 
Went out on one of their center consoles to throw jigs and poppers . Didn't get into any roosters , or Cuberas though . We did catch plenty of mangroves and a few Red Snappers lol . I didn't know they were down there , thought they were extinct or something lol 

Refueled boat from mothership , for trip back to CR 

Day 5 
Up early and headed back to Golfito , started fishing in Montuosa area on our way back . 1/1 on a Blue , and a couple mahi . Headed into Golfito , refueled and checked back in . Then just took it easy with plans to hit the Golfito FAD's first and work our way back to Quepos hitting all of the others along the way . 

We also dropped one of our buddies off to head back home , and picked up one of Mikey's friends who flew in to finish the last of the trip .

Day 6 
Headed out early to the 40 mile FAD out of Golfito , but nothing going on ( no top on FAD ) . So we trolled toward Cerveza (156) missing a shot at a blue along the way . We stopped trolling before dark , and continued to slow boat toward Cerveza through the night . Was really cool taking my turn running through the night passing freighters , keeping an eye on the radar and FLIR . 

Day 7 
We started early at the 156 , but no action . So we trolled toward Imperial (132) which gave us a little action . Had a double of blues , but one came off . Also had a problem with air in the Racor's , so we trolled our way in . Also got Matty (the new guy ) his first mahi , that came off at the gaff . He was a little upset about not getting it in the boat , but was still a legal release . It was a solid 50lb fish , and he felt a little better when we told him that it was a personal best for most people , and he got it first shot . We also got him his first blue as well . He was pretty stoked . I was hoping for a sail in the spread to complete my slam , unfortunately didn't get one .

Ended up 3/6 blues 
2/2 stripeys ( double)
couple of mahi 

Made it back into Pez Vela around 1AM

Wish we didn't have to cut it short like that , if we had made it to Silver , we could have trolled our way over most of the other FAD's on our way in . Going to replace everything from the filters back , it's probably something simple . Will be going back the end of this month , can't wait .


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