St. Joes Bay after rains

I'm thinking about  doing some bay fishing on foot around PSJ/CSB tomorrow morning while the winds are forecasted to lay down some and before we get another series of rainy days.

Could anyone comment on the general water quality around St. Joes Bay?  Is it very turbid looking or did the storms generate a bunch of floating grass?  Any insight would be appreciated.


  • chasmck3chasmck3 Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    Any updates from anyone??  
    I am headed down from KY this weekend for a few weeks.  I know it was the color of tea all the way across last fall after a bunch of rain.
  • WetBanditWetBandit Posts: 37 Greenhorn
    was nice this past weekend
  • RedhunterRedhunter Posts: 435 Deckhand
    Water is clear
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