My condolences...

go out to all you anglers that lost fishing time this past week, and to their wives for having to put up with us.  Not sure if its just me but I'm getting a little crabby missing out the month of May due to bad weather. I got out twice this month. Bad weather messed up yet another year's fishing vacation...that's 4 years in a row. I used to take time off in June, but always got rained out.
This spring has been a bust for me, not getting out for cobia at all. Have not even tried for tripletails yet. Have not even tried for snook. So far Ive only been able to jump one **** and had another break off. Hoping to get out Thursday, but wonder how bad the water quality/clarity is gonna be. 


  • Reel-LuckyReel-Lucky Oldsmar, FLPosts: 2,936 Moderator
    yep, the weather has been awful, in fact it's pouring out as I type this.
  • drgibbydrgibby Posts: 1,233 Officer
    Agreed. One would have thought that ARS was sceduled to open last weekend, based on the forecast!  
  • Rich MRich M Posts: 1,035 Officer
    drgibby said:
    Agreed. One would have thought that ARS was sceduled to open last weekend, based on the forecast!  
  • trs912trs912 Posts: 49 Greenhorn
    Gonna get out Saturday, hell or high water.
  • backwatercolebackwatercole Posts: 45 Greenhorn
    Right there with y'all.  Wife is definitely getting the brunt of my cabin fever.  Have plans to go on Sunday though and put some gags in the box. 
  • spanglerspangler daBurgPosts: 651 Officer
    Who lost fishing time???  I don't get it :p 

    I killed it this week..
  • permit_mepermit_me Posts: 876 Officer
    Spangler, do you have a waterfront place or trailer? i need to live on the water with my own dock...
    a little grouper oscar for dinner and she'll more than glad you went.
  • permit_mepermit_me Posts: 876 Officer
    as in trailer your boat.
  • spanglerspangler daBurgPosts: 651 Officer
    edited May 31 #10
    yeah, I trailer my boat.  BUT I have a nice protected ramp within walking distance from the house ;D 

    Honestly, I only took the boat out once last week, on saturday.  Just a little drizzle and wind. Of course, I stayed inside and just along the beach (with the e/s wind).
  • Rod SquadRod Squad Treasure Island, FLPosts: 13 Greenhorn
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    Lol we hit it in the Sunday rain aswell, I figured that we would make the most of the current and cross wind so we ran a chum slick down the rocks at blinds pass and drifted baits back.  Weather didn't seem to bother the fishies too bad.

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