Question re. a solo (inshore) charter.

Is it customary to tip a "one man/woman crew"?
Want to book a Indian River trip out of the Fort Pierce area.
How much?
Thanks in advance.


  • Steve_raleighSteve_raleigh Posts: 176 Deckhand
    It’s always decent to add a tip for good service if your guide is a good guy but, if he is a jerk that takes you out for a boat ride that’s another story 
  • SnootchJonesSnootchJones Posts: 3 Greenhorn
  • The ParkerThe Parker Posts: 85 Greenhorn
    15 to 20 percemt if happy when we would go to the tortugas with yuri it was like 3600 and we tipped min 550. It was worth it because we were always on fish 
  • SnootchJonesSnootchJones Posts: 3 Greenhorn
    @The Parker...
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