Unhappy Sheatwater Owner

mezellmezell South Florida Posts: 1 Greenhorn
I just bought a 2018 Shearwater 2600 Carolina Bay with a Yamaha F350 on it. It's a beautiful boat but the performance sucks, it has the new step hull design and only let's go of the water when it wants to when it wants to.
It is hard to get on a plane and the drag is killing me on fuel cost, when it does let go of the water it rides great and fuel consumption is good but never know when that is going to happen.

If anyone knows of this problem please help?


  • FlatoneFlatone Posts: 24 Greenhorn
    You sure it is propped correctly??  Sounds like it might be over propped.  
  • pottydocpottydoc The thriving metropolis of Umatilla Posts: 3,255 Captain
    Have you talked to the factory and your dealer about it? That would be the first step. 
  • 4WARD4WARD Cross Creek,FLPosts: 1,305 Officer
    First step would have been to know what 150K was going to get you. Dang man, you did not wet test one??
    Hope it really is just the prop. Call the factory and dealer 10 times a day.
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  • Saltwater JunkieSaltwater Junkie Posts: 1,074 Officer
    Are you sure you're running fast enough to benefit from the step? 
  • pottydocpottydoc The thriving metropolis of Umatilla Posts: 3,255 Captain
     I'm thinking this guy is just trolling. I've never seen a slow Shearwater, and a 26' should fly with a 350, step or no step. Something is set up wrong, he needs to take it to his dealer. Why would someone come on here and ask that kind of question, instead of asking the dealer and the factory? 
  • restlessnativerestlessnative Posts: 2,108 Captain
    FWIW I was on 26’ Shearwater the other day (first time on a Shearwater and I’ve been on most bay boats out there) that was a few years old, but also had a 350on it. Took forever to get on plane, all the hatches made noise and moved all over the place when walked on, livewell was impossible to get bait in to and did not keep alive very well and kept over flowing which made me have to clean out the sorry **** little metal screens all the time. I was very thoroughly unimpressed and expected more. Not sure if all are made equal but this one wasn’t worth a chit. Good luck and like others said get with your dealer and the factory. 
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