Late Report FP 5/18 and 20

watergatorwatergator Fort Pierce Posts: 153 Deckhand
I managed to get out twice this weekend between storms and had a great time exploring a new area. My boat is in the shop so I took the kayak out and hit some shallow grass flats. Not much happening there but about 30 min before sunset I started seeing mullet getting crashed up by the mangroves. I paddled over that way and started throwing a black back/white belly spook and got multiple vicious strikes. Most either missed the lure or knocked it out of the water, but I managed to land two trout over 25in. One came home for dinner and the other went back. 

Sunday night I got a similar break and went back to the same spot. The mullet were there when I showed up at 5:30 but the predators didnt show up until around 7:30. Working the same technique I still had a lot of missed strikes but I managed to get a 20" snook, a big bluefish, and another big trout that managed to come unhooked, hit the boat and flop out. 


  • ReelHazardReelHazard Posts: 128 Deckhand
    Nice! I go up there occasionally on my kayak and lunch at Little Jim's or at the Bear Point area. Nice area for sure compared to Jupiter and south for inshore. Next time bring a cast net with you and get some of that mullet if you can. How is the water quality and what area did you fish? May be heading up there this weekend since offshore is a no go
  • watergatorwatergator Fort Pierce Posts: 153 Deckhand
    I launched at bear point. The water was stained but I could see the bottom out to about 4ft. I had my net in the truck but its hard to beat a good topwater bite. 
  • Fireman BillFireman Bill Posts: 578 Officer
    I lke to troll a good size mullet behind the kayak while I work a lure out in front.

    Fireman Bill

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